Lora McManus '18


Hi, my name is Lora (pronouns she, her, hers) and I am a senior. I am from Pasadena, CA, only about 35 minutes from Pitzer. I am sociology major and currently Vice President of Student Senate. After graduation, I hope to be an elementary school teacher. I joined Advocates because I am passionate about making Pitzer more welcoming for survivors, listening to and supporting survivors, and dialoguing with the Pitzer faculty and administration on collaborative ways to make Pitzer a safer living and learning environment.  I am very dedicated to supporting survivors in an intersectional way that recognizes the complexities of interesting identities, in particular, for LGBTQIAP+ survivors and survivors of color. I hope to contribute towards dismantling rape culture by changing the normative narrative surrounding sexual violence in a college setting. Beyond Advocates, I love painting animals, cookie desserts, and leading diversity workshops for high school students.